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Bye mommies. Plus a Goodbye gift for the Mommies

2019.06.25 05:35 Bongo_Pongo Bye mommies. Plus a Goodbye gift for the Mommies

I will keep my goodbye short. I don't enjoy the podcast like I use to. I feel like it has changed and it's not for me. I think it's time for me to take my jeans off. Anyways, I thought a great goodbye gift would be my personal YMH list. So here you go.
A few things before you see my list:
The list has moments from the podcast, Mommy terms, and clips.
My list covers episodes 2-500.
I dont have to many of the 400s because my 400s file was corrupted and I lost them all. I had to go back and look for the different iconic YMH moments again. I didnt find all of them
I am missing episode numbers for 4 or 5 bullet points. I am to lazy to find them.
If you think any of the bullets are worth being added to the YMH Database feel free to add them.
My YMH List
•"Ahhhh Fucking Nigger" girl gets her asshole tattoo ep500
•Angel's fellatio secrets bj on a dildo ep100
•Angel's fellatio secrets "figure 8" technique ep 101
•Angel's fellatio secrets "grapefruit" technique ep 221
•Angel's fellatio secrets interview ep 104
•Angel's fellatio secrets "Put your dick between your legs" ep101
•"Animal Passions", a couple's sexual experience with a horse ep104
•Are you thirsty? Do you want to suck on these big large nips of mine? Ep193
•Argintinian ball kicking video ep33
•Arpad Pazsitzky-Christina's dad ep61
•Asian man's legs get pinned by car ep323
•Asshole clip ep123
•Auntie Fee "sweet treats for the kids" ep248
•Auntie Fee Fee ep94
•Ball Hog and Payten Laferty ep431
•Banana Farts ep411
•Bannismurferney-anniversary ep31
•Barstucks-starbucks ep224
•Beatles vs. Biggie debate ep 227
•Bert Chryslar-Bert Kriesher ep 38
•(Why is)Bert Kreischer so fat? joke ep345
•Bert is fat internarional sumissions ep 355
•Bert Kreischer looks like Gerard Depardieu ep325
•Big Time Tommy ep500
•Big words quote ep43
•Bikes!! ep82
•Bill cosby acting stange on ESPN ep 57
•Bitch clip ep287
•"Blast my fucking face"porn clip ep170
•Blood, Fam ep378
•Blowjob Betty song review ep280
•Blueban-the bird producer of YMH ep40
•Bobby and Karen ep372
•Bobby and Trish ep383
•Boring videos segment ep378
•Brace gigolo "The Brace Philosophy" ep 36
•Brace gigolo quote "Dumping clips" ep 115
•Brace gigolo quote "Fuck off" ep74
•Braco aka Crapsoe and his healing gaze ep 111
•Brawstrerries-Strawberies ep111
•Braxtin family values ep44
•Bristol stool chart ep 149
•Brown talk announcement drop ep47
•Bug Chasers ep299
•Bumpin Bumpin ep7
•Buttery yellows-yellow teeth ep71
•Buttfloss- mommy term for a thong ep 67
•Buttplugs- mommy term for ear plugs ep301
•Cargo shorts debate ep 249
•Carla 24/7 ep199
•Carl's Jr. Baby name joke ep359
•Cat eating kibble ep297
•Cats love hot sauce. Mommies make fun of cousin Bry-Bry ep169
•Case of the meanies-angry eyebrows ep271
•Charo ep 41
•Charo add read ep129
•Charo add read "Do you like big tits? Go see Christina do stand up." ep399
•Charo's massive fart ep500
•Chest beefers-Mommy term for tits ep 40
•Chest/beard flakes-mommy term for beard dandruff ep143
•Ching chong, ching chong ep331
•Chips in a bowl audio ep233
•Chopper dyes his pupes ginger ep 34
•Chris Gaines ep271
•Christina does not understand Smart and Final's name "Smart and Final, you are smart for shopping here but all sales are final." ep264
•Christina "God's real. God blesses a nigga" ep253
•Christina loves L.A. and everywhere else sucks joke ep391
•Christina realizes she has been saying combative wrong ep276
•Christina's aunt sends her a racist chain letter ep91
•Christina's first shart ep73
•Christina's ice cubes smell like a butthole prank call ep125
•Christine ep415
•Cinncinati Fart ep306
•City Connection-webster ep 158
•Cops are all bald and shit ep250
•Cock throughts by Hirsuit Pursuit ep23
•Country club-mommy term for the mall ep382
•Cousin Jeanette ep193
•Cousin Julie ep107
•Cousin Sari ep121
•Crazie Locs ep 334
•Crossfarts-crossfit ep135
•Cum dog-male or female who lives in your backyard and is used only for sexual purposes. It can only be fed with your cum ep83
•Cum dog sprinkler audio drop ep86
•Cum Gum ep279
•Cum Huggers aka Tantric sex ep407
•Cutman ep 37
•Dadboner-mommy term for dads that are lame ep 40
•Daddy told us not to be ashamed of our dicks ep361
•Dadmouth- the bad breath earned after becoming a dad ep52
•Dalmation- mommy term for a dumb hot girl ep is Bonus episode in irvine after ep391
•Dalmation wife-a dumb hot second wife ep402
•Dan Pena ep350
•DC/LC-Maria's term for Dumb Cunt/Lazy Cunt ep85
•Dennis Rodman ep186
•Dennis Rodman "Watch this bullshit wahhhh!" Ep302
•Dental update music ep15
•Dental update official name ep17
•Dental watch origin ep13
•Diabeetus-diabetes ep102clip
•Diamond in the crevas of your pussy ep373
•Dick Detectives ep23
•Dick will make you slap somebody in the face ep82
•Dick tips-mommy term for burnt ends ep50
•Did some singing and some dancing(a politician refering to Michael jackson) ep283
•Diego and his beautiful guppies ep313
•DJ Dadmouth name first introduced ep303
•DJ Dadmouth's first appearance on T.V. ep338
•Do dogs have brains? Trisha Paytas ep164
•Do not abuse me mommy. Do not hit me mommy. Do not scream at me mommy. Ep380
•"Do you want two dicks in that ass? Just quit debating" porn clip ep 137
•Dog bed- a bachoelars bed with no bed frame ep22
•Dog cunt ep430
•Dog Dick Afternoon ep237
•Dog in the bathtub- when dick and balls are in the other persons mouth, asshole, or vigina ep33
•Dog shit person-someone who does not pick up their dog's shit ep106
•Dog's tits ep168
•Dog's tits meaning ep185
•Don't be peter gazing ep267
•Dont bring anyones mother into this ep14
•Dookie love- the love bobby brown and whitney houston had for each other ep42
•Double Pipe Classic- Fart and burp at the same time ep87
•Downton Daddies-fans of Downton Abbey ep 106
•Duct tape ep358
•Eat a booty gang ep241
•Eat the poo poo ep221
•Eco sex ep403
•Equine diarrhea ep190
•EV mic guy ep 347
•Eye..eye..eye on the road ep34
•Face Farts ep466
•Face meat pushes down on the throat meat-the reason why tom snores ep42
•Fan made song "Bert is fat" Ali Xie Xer ep354
•Fan made song "Biggie vs Beatles" ghost kru ep 244
•Fan made song "I am Peter stain" by Obe1canolli ep260
•Fan made song "Jeans in my cunt" by max newman ep236
•Fan made song "How I Glass" by Young Patreon ep 382
•Fan made song "Love comes down" by ghost kru ep288
•Fan made song "Ohh My Gosh" by max newman ep168
•Fan made song "Problems make my dick soft" by max newman ep 334
•Fan made song "Sharkeisha Week" by ghost kru ep198
•Fan made song "Salome " by Jordan Wolf ep363
•Fan made song "Theo song" version1 by obe1cannolli ep187
•Fan made song "Theo song part duece" by obe1cannolli ep252
•Fan made song "24/7 Theos Groove" by ghost kru ep209
•Fan made song "YMH promo" Jo-DBL ep51
•Fan made song "2short" obe1cannoli ep288
•F.A.R.T. ep 372
•Fart in a jar- a product the mommies were thinking about making ep71
•Farten ep371
•Fartgician ep176
•Farticheocs- farts from artichoecs ep100
•Fartmistress ep400
•Fedex debate ep319
•FGT RTD ep460
•Fill her up and seal her shut ep 45
•Fill her up and seal her shut music ep46
•"For all the niggas in the wu tang clan" porn clip ep 254
•Foreign accent syndrome 152
•Four Stokes ep446
•Fuck me in my ass man! ep194
•Fuck my stoma (Christina quote) ep 137
•Fuck My Triple D Slut Wife ep396
•Fuck stimulating my clit stimulate my motherfucking mind ep217
•Fuck the points ep 22
•Fuck watcha heard. I am an ass licker. Ep400
•Fucken camp ep43
•Garth Brooks ep270
•Garth Brooks interview he describes his music is like a sexual experience 368
•Gigolos ep15
•"Girl get cho life"- Taymar braxtin quote ep72
•Girl gets shot in the ass with a cactus ep181
•Givin him the grease like fuck himself ep141
•Gloria Estefan ep293
•Goat lips-what tina's lips look like when she drinks water ep63
•Go see the Doctor song review ep102
•Good Morning Julia ep465
•Good Morning Julia video 3 ep478
•Gooder than a Bitch ep 118
•Got any cum in those balls ep333
•Gucci Gucci by Kreayashawn ep20
•Guy orgasms 100x a day ep259
•Hard fucken core ep219
•Hardcore fun ep483
•Hardrocknick"Women are motherfucken hating cunts" ep486
•Hat comic joke ep417
•Hates-giving- The Thanksgiving with Maria when she was pregnant. She said a lot of racist things about Dominicans and Puerto Ricans ep49
•HD vision glasses ep24
•"Hell nah to the nah nah nah" ep304
•Hen the gender neutral pronoun ep418
•Henry's Portait of a Serial Killer ep17
•Hey Hitler ep325
•(Hey Hitler) Danny's friends are on shrimp scampy boat being turned into lasagna ep348
•Hey Mommy Thanks Jeans origin ep266
•Hey Mommy Thanks Jeans(fan submissions) ep373
•Hi mommy! Hi mommy! Hi mommy! Ep329
•High n' Tight ep12
•Hillary Clinton ate my asshole ep403
• Honestly,It wasnt until, and this goes for almost all the moments. It wasnt until someone was there telling me, You have 2 in or you have 3 in you....I am proud of myself ep148
•"How does my asshole smell?" Ep279
•Hungarian phrase"losfaz a segeddbe" means horse cock in ass ep411
•Hungarian term "Punzi semed"-pussy eyes(racial slur for asians) ep 248
•Hungarian word "Cigány" means gypsy ep 58
•Hungarian word "Punzi" means pussy/gay ep75
•Hungry tits-mommy term for small tits ep234
•Hungry tits dance ep266
http://www. joke ep 52
•I am at the comedy club ep37
•I am going on a cum strike ep383
•I am looking for a girlfwend ep266
•I dont give a fu..shit ep 310
•"I dont know what yah saying and I dont know what you mean" Judge Mathis ep202
•I got a bad bite ep361
•I have cum all over my face ep372
•I hate the gooks ep146
•I hate you motherfuckers. I hate you motherfuckers. GG Allin quote ep 87
•"I have a bad case of diarrhea" japanese song ep211
•I have my dad's dick. I need my dad's balls movie idea ep304
•I left my wallet there ep125
•"I only got but two nuts to bust" (couldn't find clip or when it was play on podcast but mommies said it on ep253) ep?
•I wanna find a skinny ass little bitch, and make her fat, and we could loose weight together. Ahhhahhhhh ep166 @6:22 time stamp is for the link
•ICDC college-I can do college college ep287
•Idn't greezy, Chuck Woolery ep174
•Immagrant mother fucker, you spic ep285
•Intervention cry ep 13
•"It's fucken morning" cholo clip ep206
•"It's only smells" Rocco Safredi quote ep240
•Jane Segura ep76
•Jane Segura quote •"Seriously, seriously, seriously" ep76
•Jean ep372
•Jean Segura baseball player ep126
•Jeans-The first time Christina calls Tom by this pet name ep38
•Jeff Tate hot dogs and gatorade ep36
•Job stoppers mommy term for knuckle tattoos ep210
•Juice juice porn clip ep80
•Just glassin ep368
•Just like the gays ep371
•Ke..Kellogs corn flakes ep81
•Kickie foot ep 132
•Kids of Whitney High ep30
•Kim Anh ep260
•Kim Anh "what is amaze" ep260
•Kim Anh "Asshole" ep 333
•Kim Anh interview ep348
•King Ass Ripper ep144
•King ass Ripper "you do the math"ep 149
•Kiss my pussy. KISS IT!! ep301
•Kitchen deodorant ep 289
•La Croix debate 337
•Lady makes a fart video in her shed ep400
•Lambo prank ep420
•Last Cruise joke ep5
•Lets Get Social ep218
•"Lick my ass. Lick it"Rocco Safredi porn clip ep?
•Lightning crew-Christina's college friends group name ep25
•Lil Trump 90 ep381
•Lil Trump 90 "Pomcast" ep386
•Linkendin-Joey Diaz term for Linkedin ep341
•Listen to me you piece of Fuck! For one I am not bisexual, two I'm not gay, threeno, I'm not God damn fat. I am skinny as hell, four I'm fucken Wiccan. If you have a problem with that. You can go fuck yourself. Piece of Shit. Ep207 (true origin is bonus episode 4 but you have to buy it)
•Look at the river. Look at the river! Ep385
•Look at yourself in the mirror ep 108
•Love Mustard-cum ep2
•Low and loose (It is the first time I heard the mommies say it,but I could be wrong)ep87
•Machines Within ep417
•Main Mommy debate ep175
•Make a bridge and get over it ep307
•Making fitness ep164 and (definition)246
•Making fun of comedy club names and places ep21
•Maria origin ep77/79
•Maria/Jane intro ep94
•Maria's crazy starbucks order ep80
•Maria's quote about the cream topper on her starbucks order ep109
•Maria quote "Dirty and disgusting" ep109
•Maria's quote "You take your fucking scissors and use your puggy fucken monkey hands. Cut the box open. Cut a hole in it, and pour it in the bottle" ep93
•Maria's porn read ep178
•Master of accents ep327
•Mom, Mom, Mom, why did you do that to me? ep316
•Mommies secretly record conversation with a pharmacist about poop ep69
•Mommy Dance ep45
•Mommy definition ep35 part2
•Mommy Dome ep42
•Mommy term first used ep1
•Mommies made death threats ep82
•Moose soup lady ep403
•More Pwesha ep85
•Mr. White Folks ep333
•Mushy Purples ep373
•Musical jeans "Animal song" ep125
•Musical jeans " Butthole song" ep126
•Musical jeans "Call me mommy" ep85
•Musical jeans "Chuy Bravo song" ep96
•Musical jeans "Do you like Bbq like I like Bbq?" ep99 and 145
•Musical jeans "Do you wanna fart? Do you really want to fart? Ep304
•Musical jeans "Don't go smelling my farts. Don't go eating my ass" ep275
•Musical jeans "Don't smell my farts/Don't eat my ass" ep159
•Musical jeans "Feef out" ep243
•Musical jeans "Feefo Feefum" ep304
•Musical jeans "Fist song" ep127
•Musical jeans "Get out of my dreams and into my jeans" ep275
•Musical jeans "House of Farts" ep286
•Musical jeans "Hungry Ass" ep234
•Musical jeans "I am in charge. I run the show. They call me Feefo." Ep 304
•Musical jeans "I sharted in Africa" ep354
•Musical jeans "I sharted on the way to Africa" ep353
•Musical jeans "I think. I love you but you are made of dog farts" ep327
•Musical jeans "In a world full of jeans only some are tight. Isnt that crazy. Crazy." Ep330
•Musical jeans "Kentucky song" ep127
•Musical jeans "Love wipes down" ep50
•Musical jeans "Mommy mommy mommy is the best .Daddy Daddy Daddy doesn't know your middle name" ep359
•Musical jeans "Miami Fart Machine" ep289
•Musical jeans "She has tits and she knows how use them. She takes shits and she knows how to duece them? Ep452
•Musical jeans "Shrimp song" ep22 and 98
•Musical jeans "Smurfday song" ep110
•Musical jeans "Squeeze my tits and pull my dick real hard" ep73
•Musical jeans "Tell me how you feel about my fart" ep323
•Musical jeans "Unbreak my farts" ep262
•Musical jeans "we fell in love in a homeless cave or we fell in love with some homeless gays" ep42
•Musical jeans "You can't always shit when you want" ep279
•Musical jeans "Your problems make my dick soft" ep95
•My-anus clip ep106
•My cunt, my cunt, my cunt uhhhh ep231
•My eyes turn into a telescope when I see your face ep476
•My husband just farted-a game where Tina rolls down the window of her car telling everyone on the street that her husband farted ep55
•Nappy Jew Hair- mommy term for Happy New Year ep92
•Nasty Championship ep431
•Natural Harvest ep50
•News woman falls down whiles squishing grapes and gets the wind knocked out of her. ep234
•"Nigga nice nigga nice nigga nice" ep63
•Niggas hating on meeee ep217
•Never ending wipe ep 36
•No, aint no privvicy ep215
•No such thing as Wednesday ep161
•No talking until January- mommy term for no talking/bothering during football season ep25
•Obama quote "I aint yo bitch nigga get your own god damn fries" 77
•Oi..oi..oil on the road/eye..eye..eye on the road debate ep73
•Oh hi Hitler ep339
Oh my Gosh! Ep141
•Oopsies-mommy term for swets or athletic shorts that are so loose as you walk they slide down and reveal privates ep326
•Pastor Manning "There is semen in the Starbucks. You better watch out. You might just get pregnant" ep289
•Pastor Manning "What's wrong with chu? What's wrong with chall? Yah niggas are crazy!" ep212
•Patreon put that shit down ep 344
•Paul F. Tompkins reads the coach Ice script ep48
•Peepee stuck in butter, oh no ep 211
•Peeza-pizza ep46 @3:22
•Perfect Smile ep366
•Personality Championship ep378
•Peter Cane ep 226
•Peter Cane call/interview ep262
•Peter Cane "Friends are the worst" ep231
•Peter Cane "Linked in is helpful" ep 311
•"Please give me cock. Cock. Cola" asian teacher teaching english ep188
•Pleasahh-pleasure ep73
•Plies ep275
•Plies "Critmit time" ep277
•Polyamory "I am going to fluid bond with Jessie and use condoms with Tahl"-Jen ep302
•Polyamory "I am proud to aunounce that I polyamorous and bisexual"-Tahl, ep302
•Polyamory "Megan and I have been together for nearly 3 years now"-Michael ep302
•Poo Pile ep351
•Poop soup mommy term for Christina's special soup that makes you poop ep??
•Poopy kisses-mommy term for fart ep401
•Pooty eye-Bill Cosby's lazy eye ep 52
•P.O.P. Pimp squad ep258
•Popcorn teeth- yellow teeth ep76
•PornstaHooker math ep300
•Pup play ep346, 370,377,379
•Pup play "Run your finger along the crack of your ass. You dont need to finger your hole. You dont want shit on your finger. Ep377
•Put some respec on my name. (also) Are we finished or are we all done? ep341
Quiet riot-a silent but deadly fart ep67
•Rack em Rack ball ep154
•Rain Florence coffee enema ep323
•Rain Florence urine enema ep410
•Real Man book review ep 282-283
•Real Talk-discuss reality shows ep44
•Reason why Yourmomshouse is called Yourmomshouse ep79
•Riding the Bus with My Sister ep471
•Ring sting- the pain on your butthole after taking a dump ep69
•Robin Wright, you must sniffing her butthole when you introduce yourself joke ep203
•Roll tide. Roll tide. ep159
•Rub rub rub guy ep399
•Rumors, (wisper) I heard you were funny. Joke ep77
•Sack lunch ep82
•Salasious barking dog ep 27
•Salome ep 317
•Same shit different toilet ep99
•Same strokes..uh different folks ep278
•Scoop and score-when cum is left on the rim of the girl's/guy's mouth and she/he uses a finger to push the cum into their mouth. ep2
•Scrum-mommy word for taint and butthole ep422, ep428(definition)
•Seriously-mommies are making fun of Jane and Maria ep36
•Shakey Cheese-Kraft parmesan cheese ep36
•Shakey Jeans-Michael J. Fox ep155
•Shane Lee ep269
•Shane Lee interview ep273
•Shane Lee made a video for mommies "Love comes down" ep286
•Sharkiesha no ep184
•Shart week-Shark week ep23
•She's retarded ep419
•Shirley-mommy term meaning to over eat ep96
•Shit Blanca ep5
•Shit brick house-brick shithouse ep55
•Shit freckles- freckles morgan freeman and bill cosby have ep58
•Shit hammock, Pat Mcafee ep378
•Shit to shower ep 100
•Show me how those big tits fart ep214
•Shrimpen-biting toe nails ep45
•Sissy of Freemont street ep444
•Sixty Nine on the night before 70th birthday joke ep422
•Skippy vs Jiff peanut butter debate ep289
•Skullet ep373
•Smurfday-Birthday ep110
•Snushi-sushi ep55
•So Major ep 36
•Staló 120 days of Soddum (one of Tom's favorite movies) ep25
•Stanima ep360
•State Droopers ep406
•Stayin Alive homeless guy ep439
•Steve Harvey's-huge white teeth or viniers ep211
•Steven Seagal "I am the king of improve. Forgive my saying so" ep 304
•Steven Seagal "What is the Buddha nature? Ep242
•Stevie "I was going to knock her in the head one day out here beside the garage because she called me uh retarded. I was going to knock her in the head with a claw hammer", "he was the only dad i ever knowd", "thats where i get my name snake because i aint afraid of them","people changes" ep67
•Stevie's aunt " He got a stiff dick", "He had a hard on" ep67
•Stevie's dating profile ep69
•Stevie's girlfriend "when he is on that marijana and wiskey; he gets crazy" ep 67
•"Stick your tongue in my asshole" ep279
•"Succulent Chinese meal"and"Get your hand off my penis" ep 150
•Summertime song ep227
•Sup sharry. Sup berry joke ep84
•Sushi waitress scolds mommies for ordering to much food origin ep96
•Synergy-mommy term meaning when a couple burps at the same time ep 347
•T.A.I.N.T. sign language ep381
•Ten or twelve Benydral guy ep418
•"Thank you sir" man has intense sex with MacSF ep164
•The library blocked my password ep489
•The time is now ep315
•The towels can have aids ep271
•Theo(tom's voice) ep106
•Theo's origin and sad story about him ep104
•Theo's name changed to Feefo ep270
•This is your last rondey voo ep12
•Throatzilla ep319
•Throatzilla call ep321
•Tighten up world ep251
•Tiny hats ep43
•Tiptoes ep474
•Tits/dick for days ep150
•To make a long story short, I put a whole bag of jelly beans up my ass ep217
•Tom and Berts shaving their chests story ep24
•Tom "I am poly and I'm bi" ep302
•Tom milks tina story ep 57
•Tom prank calls a barber shop ep125
•Tom or Black ep95
•Tom or White ep261
•Tom's brown was so loud and violent that Christina was ready to take him to the hospital story ep42
•Tom's poop in a bag prank story ep54
•Tom's Ruth's Chris baby name joke ep359
•Tom's story about possibly being in a subway commercial ep21
•Tom's story about getting banned from a bank ep 37
•Tom's sup Kane story ep75
•Tom's tourrettes classmate story ep34
•Tom's "What if Mike Tyson raped my sister" joke idea ep251
•Top Dog origin ep 41
•Top Dog booger on elevator story ep42
•Top Dog "Dumb broad" quote ep358
•Top Dog explains how to hit on a bank teller ep63
•Top Dog "Five feet to far" quote ep63
• Top Dog loves Mcdonald's coffee but hates the 2 lane drive thru ep41
•Top Dog "hehehe...Multiple choice" ep 156
•Top Dog shit his pants in Maine with Tom ep62
•Top Dog revisits the Orland airport where he shit his pants before his flight ep134
•Top Dog wipes after a brown with bleach wet wipes ep42
•Top Dog "You need to wipe down" quote ep42
•Top Dog's pick up line "Do you like sweetner or splenda?" ep267
•Top Dog's 1986 brown story ep 49
•Trans-Canada Highway ep390
•Try It Out Guy ep420
•Try It Out Guy interview 1 ep496
•Try It Out Guy interview 2 ep497
•Turds on the ground-Christina overflows a toilet story ep173
•UB40 "Red Red Wine"-Christina hates this song ep62
•Uh retard or uh retarded debate ep67
•Uncle Bill ep276
•Uncle Terry ep482
•Valentimes Day ep36
•Vegan Vigina Guy ep259
•Vegan Vigina Guy video of him removing his tooth an licking it ep365
•Vietmom-mommy term for Christina's new Vietnamese mom ep489
•Vitamin Ds-a mommy term for big tits ep234
•Vocal fry ep150 and 277(indepth look)
•Wanna fuck wit me Miemie huh? Ep331
•Wanna talk some shit? Ep176
•Watch your profanity ep116
•Water Championship ep347
•Way worser(no clip played on the show, but Christina started saying it. Because she was watch My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding ep41-87) ep?
•We ain't going out like that. This shit should be easy ep12
•"We talking about practice?"(might have been played early in YMH history) ep262
•Webster, "You and George make great daddies, but there is only one mommy" ep158
•Whatcha doing homie? I am taking a shit. ep382
•What's Calculus? ep 206
•What's going on here ep 100
•"What's up with the jeans" Joe rogan quote ep282
•What's your name? What's your pronoun? Ep352
•When you are Puerto Rican you are just Puerto Rican ep49
•Where are the dudes at? story ep 33
•Where are the dudes at? story clarified 35 pt1
•Where are the dudes at? Casey quote ep 36
•Where are the dudes at? Monkeytodd quote ep37
•Where is the cum? Ep336
•Which Braxton are you today? Ep262
•Which is Mike Singletary game ep34
•White bummer-sad movies white people like ep??
•White lightning- mommy term for strong coffee ep222
•White tigress practice ep 98
•White niggers ep215
•Whitney Wisconsin(mommies dont believe she fucks dog) ep322
•Who's Randy? Ep36
•Winnipeg Bombing ep172
•Wipegate ep283, official name on ep286
•Would you ever date your mom? I said, I really would Ep371
•Would You Rather all music is "The Heat is On" or all movies are "Sister Act 2 Back in the Habit" Ep34
•Would You Rather be retarded or molested by your grandfather on a farris wheel and get as much funnel cake after ep 333
•Would You Rather gather your whole family and play a video of 10 homless guys/girls mastrabate on your face or your whole family watches you mastrabate to completion ep25
•Would You Rather music- jello pudding remix ep77
•Yeah clip ep91
•YKWIS(You Know What I'm Saying) asian girl ep202
•YKWIS counting/competition begins ep153
•YKWIS Half ounce "you know what i am talking about, yeah feel me, yeah nah mean" ep251
•YKWIS Kenyan Martin ep173
•YKWIS Miss Fluff ep371
•YKWIS Pshhh... YKWIS ep146
•YKWIS Pimp clip ep153
•YKWIS Prison rape clip(first YKWIS clip) ep141
•YKWIS ya know, ya know, ya know, YKWIS ep332
•YMH intro song ep36
•Yoshi's offensive audio drops ep138
•Yorkie sips-mommy term for how Christina drinks water ep352
•You are completely retarded ep483
•You can suck my goat sack punk ep145
•You can try me fat so ep105
•You got any cum in those balls? Ep333
•You jew motherfucker you ep111
•You like uncircumcised guys as I recall. Ep333
•You make my pussy dry ep113
•You want 2 dicks in that ass? Just quit debating ep137
•You're like a son to me man ep12
•"Your mama is in the fucken stands. They are trying to disrespect me. They are in my house grabbing the remote control and contolling your tv. They are putting on your shirt. They say fuck you" ep12
•Your mom's house said by a high homeless man on the show "Cops" ep190
•You're the man now dog ep63
•"You're the man now cum dog" audio drop ep86
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2018.01.24 02:22 sconce2600 The List 2018: Who's out!

The Lineup has been released! Bold denotes acts that ended up on the lineup.
Out due to gigs at AT&T Park (Capacity: 41,915)/Levi's Stadium (Capacity: 75,000) in San Francisco and Santa Clara CA
Out due to gigs at Shoreline Amphitheatre (Capacity: 22,500) in Mountain View CA (May through November)
Out due to gigs at the Oracle arena (Capacity: 19,596) in Oakland CA
Out due to gigs at the Golden One Center (Capacity: 17,608) in Sacramento CA
Out due to gigs at the SAP Center (Capacity: 17,496) in San Jose CA
Out due to gigs at the Concord Pavilion (Capacity: 12,500) in Concord CA (May through November)
Papa Murphy's Park at Cal Expo in Sacramento CA
Out due to gigs at the Greek Theatre (Capacity: 8,500) in Berkley CA (May through November)
Out due to gigs at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium (Capacity: 7,000) in San Francisco CA (May through November)
Out due to gigs at the Masonic (Capacity: 3,165) in San Francisco CA (May through November)
Out due to gigs at the City National Civic (Capacity: 2,850) in San Jose CA (May through November)
Out due to gigs at the Warfield (Capacity: 2,300) in San Francisco CA (May through November)
Out due to gigs at the Mountain Winery (Capacity: 2,278) in Saratoga CA (May through November)
Out due to gigs at the Fox theater (Capacity: 2,250) in Oakland CA (May through November)
Out due to gigs at UC Theatre (Capacity: 1,400) in Berkley CA (May through November)
Out due to gigs at the Fillmore (Capacity: 1,050) in San Francisco CA (May through November)
Out due to gigs at the Regency Ballroom (Capacity: 1,050) in San Francisco CA (May through November)
Out due to gigs at the August Hall (Capacity : 1,000) in San Francisco CA (May through November)
Out due to gigs at the Mezzaine (Capacity: 1,000) in San Francisco CA (May through November)
Out due to gigs at the Uptown (Capacity: 863) in Napa CA (May through November)
Out due to gigs at the Bimbo's 365 (Capacity: 685) in San Francisco CA (May through November)
Out due to gigs at the Great American Music Hall (Capacity: 600) in San Francisco CA (May through November)
Out due to gigs at the Cornerstone (Capacity: 600) in Berkeley CA (May through November)
Out due to gigs at the Chapel (Capacity: 500) in San Francisco CA
Out due to gigs at the Slims (Capacity: 500) in San Francisco CA (May through November)
Out due to gigs at the Independent (Capacity: 500) in San Francisco CA (May through November)
Out due to playing Blurry Vision Fest in Oakland CA (May 12th-13th)
Out due to playing Bottlerock in Napa CA (May 26th-28th)
Out due to playing Clusterfest in San Francisco CA (June 1st-3rd)
Out due to playing Burger Boogaloo in Oakland CA (June 30th-July 1st)
Out due to playing Sonoma Harvest in Glen Ellen CA (September 22nd-23rd)
Out due to playing Flow festival in Finland (same weekend as OSLs)
Out due to playing Boardmasters festival in the UK (same weekend as OSLs)
Out due to playing Way out West festival in Sweden (same weekend as OSLs)
Out due to playing Smukfest in Denmark (same weekend as OSLs)
Out due to playing Oya Festival in Norway (same weekend as OSLs)
Out due to playing SonneMondSterne Festival in Germany (same weekend as OSLs)
Out due to playing Boomtown Fair in the UK (same weekend as OSLs)
Out due to playing Haven Festival in Denmark (same weekend as OSLs)
Out due to Sziget Festival in Hungary (same weekend as OSLs)
Out due to playing Haldren Pop Festival in Germany
Out for other reasons
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